Jean Burnett

I grew up in London between Hampstead and Highgate and later in Hertfordshire. I developed from a young book worm and secret scribbler into an adult bookworm and scribbler. Occasionally, I even got paid for the words.

I studied at Exeter University and later did a Master’s degree at Cardiff, University of Wales. After I married I lived for several years in Canada and the US and briefly, Mexico.

I now live in Bristol where I worked for some years at the University of Bristol. I also taught creative writing and did freelance work for various agencies and magazines.

After my children left home I decided to become the world’s oldest backpacker for a year. I sold my house and followed in the footsteps of those intrepid 19th century  lady travellers  –  I self-published a book about my adventures called Vagabond Shoes which won the novel prize at the Winchester Writers’ Conference.

Recently Published

The Devils Tune

The Devil’s Tune

First in an Italian trilogy

By Jean Burnett writing as Fran Kempton

Published April 25, 2018

Fran Kempton is a reclusive writer fleeing from the clutches of Jane Austen. She has an obsession with Italy.

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Further Publications

Scandal in the Sun

Highspirited, great fun and full of rackety Georgian atmosphere – Daily Mail.
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Who Needs Mr Darcy

“Fantastic” (Top 500 Amazon reviewer)
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A Victorian Lady in the Himalayas

Maria Caroline Bolitho was a tough, honest and compassionate traveller whose spirit survives in her diaries.” (Barnaby Rogerson, Eland Books).
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Vagabond Shoes

It’s never too late to have a gap year.
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