Scandal in the Sun

Scandal in the Sun – coming soon!

Lydia Bennet goes Global

Author: Jean Burnett
Publisher: Chetwynd Books

Highspirited, great fun and full of rackety Georgian atmosphere – Daily Mail.

The sequel takes up where the first book ended. Lydia is en route to Brazil as a lady-in-waiting to an Austrian princess. After a very long sea voyage she joins the highly eccentric Portuguese court in Rio where she attracts the attention of the heir to the throne, Dom Pedro.
After many adventures and a banishment to the seaside paradise of Paraty (not quite as idyllic as it sounds) she leaves Brazil for England and during a stopover in Jamaica meets the plantation owner who becomes her second husband- a shipboard wedding.
Eventually they arrive back at Pemberley where Lydia’s new husband does not endear himself to Mr. Darcy (due to some very bad habits).
Things go from bad to worse and there is an unexpected twist in the tale…but you need to read the book!
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